Non Surgical Root Canal

What is a root canal?

Everyone fears the words “root canal therapy” but today this procedure is common and is done over 14 million times per year. This simple treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent the need of dental implants or bridges.

At the center of your tooth is pulp. Pulp is a collection of blood vessels that helps to build the surrounding tooth. Infection of the pulp can be caused by trauma to the tooth, deep decay, cracks and chips, or repeated dental procedures. Symptoms of the infection can be identified as visible injury or swelling of the tooth, sensitivity to temperature or pain in the tooth and gums.

Root canal therapy involves removing the pulp from inside the tooth and then filling and sealing these inner chambers and canals within the root of the tooth to prevent further infection.

Following this treatment, the tooth should generally be restored with a crown. The reason for this is that teeth having required root canal therapy are more prone to fracture due to loss of hydration and missing internal tooth structure.

Root canal therapy today is rarely painful. Dr. Edwards will gladly discuss any aspect of this treatment with you to put your mind at ease.