Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures Port St. Lucie, FLA removable partial denture is designed specifically to meet the needs of the patient and can replace one or more missing teeth. A natural appearance and speech clarity is restored along with the ability to eat more efficiently.

Partial Denture Types and Materials

Partial dentures are created out of a metal and acrylic composition or completely out of acrylic. A patient’s specific needs and anatomy dictate the design of the partial denture and every effort is made to construct a self-cleansing partial denture that preserves the remaining teeth and oral tissues.

Dr. Edwards will design your partial denture so that the chewing forces are evenly distributed over the entire surface area of the remaining teeth and soft tissues. Changes to your remaining teeth may be recommended to help equalize these forces.

Metal partials are generally preferred as they are structurally superior. They are thinner and more hygienic than an acrylic partial. Acrylic partials are typically used as a transitional or temporary partial. Dr. Edwards  will consult with you to determine the appropriate partial for your situation.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Providing more teeth to chew with is not the only benefit of a partial denture. Partial dentures help stabilize the teeth by preventing tooth movement. The only thing that holds teeth properly in place are other teeth. When a tooth is removed the teeth surrounding it will move and drift into its space. The teeth adjacent to it will drift forward or backward. The opposing tooth above or below will move up or down. As these teeth move, the teeth surrounding them will start to move as well. Left untreated, this unwanted tooth movement can result in many misaligned teeth that are prone to periodontal disease and to fracture from uneven biting stresses. Misaligned can cause joint pain and headaches. These problems then require extensive dental corrective treatment. Following tooth extraction it is important to have the missing tooth of teeth replaced as soon as possible to limit the damage.