Itero Intraoral Scanner

No one likes to have impressions taken. Dental impressions usually involve loading large bulky trays filled with a viscous rubbery material that is then inserted into the patients mouth for five minutes. It is not comfortable.

iteroThe Itero Intraoral Scanner works with infra-red light not “goopy” trays. This eliminates stress, time and mess. Digital scanning works with CAD/CAM computer technology to custom mill precise models for dental crowns, implant restorations, bridges, veneers and Invisalign.

The Itero Intraoral Scanner also enables to dentist to better see his work. Unlike conventional dental impressions, digital impressions are viewed on a computer screen enabling outstanding visualization. Areas of the teeth can be rotated, magnified or inverted to any position. Depths of tooth removal and clearances are color coded eliminating guess work. Better visualization means less remakes and more consistent results. That means happier patients!