Teeth Whitening


It’s never been easier to have whiter teeth!

Smile Perfected 20 minute whitening is a new concept in bleaching. Smile Perfected bleaching gel comes in prepackaged trays. We simply choose the proper size tray and apply it to your teeth for 20 minutes with the aid of a special bleaching light and suction. That’s it! Its fast, its easy and its affordable. Conventional methods of bleaching were either too difficult or too expensive. Home bleaching required special custom trays to hold the bleach  that were made with plaster models of your teeth. This required messy impressions,  2 separate appointments and weeks to see results. Bleaching strips can be effective but  require  daily placement for days or weeks. Dental in-office bleaching often cost hundreds of dollars. Smile Perfected whitening eliminates the time and stress. Perhaps best of all, Smile Perfected does not result in tooth sensitivity commonly associated with previous bleaching methods. From our experience, we have never offered a better all around bleaching system, It is so easy that many patients choose to bleach their teeth immediately after dental cleanings.

Like any tooth bleaching method, Smile Perfected will not change the color of dental bonding, fillings, crowns or veneers. Of course severely discolored teeth may require porcelain veneers or crowns.

Ask us about Smile Perfected at your next appointment. It’s never been easier to have whiter teeth!